We are indie game developers in Ontario, Canada.


Our headquarters and the birthplace of OIndie, check out Hackforge in Windsor, ON.

Rest Of Canada

Check out game developers all across Canada at CanDevs.

Ontario Indie Game Developers

We combine our passion, skills, and sense of adventure to bring you innovative, fun and creative gaming experiences on a variety of platforms.

Developers of indie games in our area:

DK Devs
Fun little projects for fun little people.
iDream Interactive
iDream thrives on creating amazing games and apps that are played and enjoyed by millions of people around the world.
Dust Scratch Games
An independent company focused on developing computer and video games.
Red Piston Inc.(3rd Party)
Our Games bring interactivity, entertainment and delight, to make learning or explaining difficult concepts fun and engaging.
Freedom Forge Software
Outstanding software development from a qualified professional.
Media Sense Interactive
We specialize in developing cross-platform apps and games.
Bull Rush Studios
Building great tools for learning, because chances are good that your problem could be solved by teaching somebody something.
Silver Key Games
Super cool makers of retro, text and adventure games.
Nifty Studios
Dedicated to creating interactive experiences, both engaging and entertaining for anyone looking for something a little different.
Splice Digital(3rd Party)
We build innovative applications matched with outstanding customer service.
Wolftech Games
Each member of our team is passionate about their work, and we come together to deliver the finest games around.
Even more Ontario game developers: CanDevs.ca.

(3rd Party) 3rd Party Developer: Companies who develop games (exclusively or partially) for other organizations instead of (or in addition to) publishing directly.


2016.10.11- Opened to Ontario-wide.

2016.05.25- New logo applied.

2016.04.26- Domain registered and website set up.

2016.04.26- Created FaceBook group.

2016.04.25- Inaugural meet-up at Hackforge.